Turning Scraps Into Style: How A Leading Natural Stone Manufacturer Boarded The Eco-train

(NEW YORK, NY – May 29, 2008) As manufacturers and designers all over the world search for ways to help the environment, designing a space with an eco-friendly theme has never been easier. Water-based paints or fabric made from organic materials are overflowing the shelves of popular home retailers as consumers acknowledge the need for change.

But when it comes to home renovation, there aren’t many options for the cultivated consumer who wants to create an eco-friendly space without settling on just any design theme.

Marble Systems, the natural stone powerhouse that manufactures and distributes tile world-wide, thought heavily about what they could do to start helping the environment. They first looked at their factories and the production that goes into cutting gigantic slabs of marble, travertine and granite into neat tiles. What they found was quite a bit left behind.

Instead of throwing away pieces of travertine remaining from cut tiles, they carefully recovered and creatively used the many shapes in new designs, devoting an entire line to this newfound art.

When Marble Systems discovered pieces that had so often disposed of in the past were actually quite valuable and artistic, they knew they had just stumbled upon a great way to reuse their materials as well as lessen the amount of waste. Marble Systems customers still receive a high-quality product as well as a part of something environmentally sound that everyone can all be proud of. The Bali Collection is as stylistically bold as it is environmentally conscious. With its strong graphics and eclectic shapes, the Collection was inspired by the architecture and thatched materials used in the island of Bali. Its unique esthetics showcase focal points in kitchens and bathrooms, therefore promoting responsible awareness without compromising the integrity of the designer’s style statement.

Blending ecologically gentle materials with distinctive patterns, the collection offers an endless array of design and expressions of individuality, all with a little help from some eco-minded leftovers. Helping the planet never looked so good.


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